A New Day in Washington, DC: Charting WWF’s Strategy under the Biden-Harris Administration and the 117th Congress

Alejandro Pérez Rose Luttenberger Anthony Tusino

Alejandro Pérez, Senior Vice President, Policy and Government AffairsRose Luttenberger, Legislative Affairs Associate , Policy and Government AffairsAnthony Tusino, Program Officer, Policy and Government Affairs January, 2021

With this election, the American people made clear they want to change direction. President-elect Biden has taken office with a mandate to turn the tide in America’s fight against climate change. He also inherits the job of managing the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and preventing future pandemics -- a task that includes repairing our broken relationship with nature and wildlife. As candidate for president, he set out the most aggressive climate and environmental justice plan ever introduced by a major party nominee and, as President-elect, he made it clear that science will be at the forefront of his administration. Join us to hear from Alejandro Pérez, WWF’s Senior Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs and his colleagues Rose Luttenberger, Legislative Affairs Associate and Anthony Tusino, Associate for Policy and Government Affairs as they discuss how the political landscape has shifted with the 2020 election and what it means for WWF’s policy priorities under the Biden-Harris administration.