Timber Stories

  • A new reserve keeps a Russian forest intact

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2020
    Thanks to 17 years of advocacy work by WWF, one of the last expanses of intact forest in Europe will be safeguarded into the future.
    Boats in Dvina-Pinega Landscape Reserve
  • Legendary undercover investigators protect forests

    August 09, 2018

    The men in question can’t be named or pictured, because they’re undercover investigators for a deforestation watchdog group called Eyes on the Forest (EoF). And they’re routinely putting their safety on the line to protect Thirty Hills, one of the last great swaths of rainforest on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

    EoF1 Neil Ever Osborne WW257110
  • Drones provide an up close look at the health of forests

    June 19, 2018

    WWF is on a mission to save the world’s forest land. Saving forests means using every tool at our disposal and working with partners around the globe. And that’s where drones come in to play.

    drone heads into forest
  • Working together for responsible forest management

    Kerry Cesareo, WWF's Managing Director of Forests, discusses how forest stewardship can help protect vulnerable forests from illegal logging, encroachment and conversion to farmland.

    Stream in temperate forest