Baby Panda Gets Mom-Handled -- Wild Panda Cam Footage

Two wild giant pandas were captured on a WWF camera trap roaming through the Sichuan Anzihe Nature Reserve. When mom pauses, the panda baby sits down. As the cub starts to lag behind, its mother picks it up by the scruff of the neck and moves down the hill.

The Yangtze Basin, where pandas live, is home to millions of people and a stunning array of wildlife. WWF works with the Chinese government's National Conservation Program to help protect the giant panda and its habitat. For giant panda facts and more, visit

This charming footage is a valuable conservation tool as it is part of a larger effort to monitor endangered giant panda populations and develop strategies to save the world's rarest—and possibly favorite—member of the bear family. WWF uses motion-sensor, infrared cameras around the world to obtain critical data about wildlife, like pandas, and their habitats.