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What is Green Hydrogen?

  • Date: 06 February 2024

What is green hydrogen? In short, it’s hydrogen produced using entirely renewable electricity, which can then be used for industrial processes like creating cement or steel, among other things. That’s important because those industrial processes are currently the third-largest source of greenhouse gases in the United States, after the transportation and electricity sectors. If we can power those processes with green hydrogen instead of fossil fuels, it could go a long way toward helping the US meet its climate goals. But getting there is pretty complicated.



On today’s episode, you’ll hear from Cihang Yuan, WWF’s Senior Program Officer for International Corporate Climate Partnerships. Cihang explains why hydrogen is so well suited for industrial settings as well as for heavy-duty transportation (2:30), how green hydrogen is produced (8:53), and how a new series of incentives created by the Inflation Reduction Act and the bipartisan infrastructure law could help bring down the cost of green hydrogen so that it can be more widely deployed in key sectors (15:00).



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